What Makes Hotel Beds Special? Comfort or Luxury, Let’s Find Out!

If you have ever had the chance to stay at a hotel, you must have experienced the comfort and luxury a hotel bed offers. So naturally, you would have thought, why are hotel beds so comfortable? Well, these beds deliver a lavish feel to the guests, one that put them into total slumber and relaxation. It is because the hospitality industry depends on the very idea of comfort and luxury and they spend tons of resources, money, and time on hotel beds.

Hotels, and the hospitality industry in general, ensure that these beds are welcoming, calming, and unwinding. For that, hotels work on certain aspects and specifications that
bring together an unforgettable experience for the guests.

Mattresses Make All The Difference

When it comes to making hotel beds comfortable, the world’s best hotels invest in mattresses that are made from the finest materials, provide superior back support, and
help the muscles relax. These elegant mattresses not only add beauty and style
to the overall appearance of the room but also remain resilient after
consistent use for months.

Why are hotel beds so comfortable?

It all lies in the structure of the mattress. Ranging from innerspring, memory
foam, and several other variants, mattresses that are used for hotel beds are
meant to endure for a long time. Innerspring has spring coils that keep the
mattress bouncy and provide a cool feeling all throughout the sleep. On the
other hand, memory foam relieves pressure points and supports your body’s
motion during sleep, allowing you to rest all night without any disturbance.
Moreover, memory foams in hotel beds are different from the ones that you use
at home. They offer a temperature-regulating feature that ensures a peaceful
and satisfying sleep.

Softest Sheets

Another reason why hotel beds are so comfortable is that the hotel management uses
premium-quality soft sheets. In fact, these beds look so classy because of these silky, satiny sheets. Hotels often go with silk or Egyptian cotton sheets because their fabric is the softest to the touch, is absolutely light and breathable, and feels as delicate as a bird’s feather.

This is why when you lay in bed, the softness of these sheets engulfs you. Adding more to that is the irresistible fragrance that spreads out of these sheets. Hotels use special detergents, fabric softeners, and fragrances to enhance the magical feeling of these subtle sheets. They just want to make sure that the guests sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Special care is taken with these sheets. They are ironed, spread out evenly, and then carefully tucked according to the hospitality corner techniques to make them look and
feel flawless.

The Halo Effect

Have you ever seen a hotel bed with dark, vibrant bedding? Well, you certainly haven’t, not even in the movies. It is because hotels always go with light, crisp and all-white setups. According to a study conducted by Secret Escapes, white beddings create a halo effect that stimulates a feeling of serenity, calmness, and relaxation.
In other words, you can call it sleep induction therapy. Hotels specifically use white surroundings to calm your nerves, lower your anxiety and create an atmosphere of peace to help you sleep better.

Hotels Use Mattress Toppers

To add extra cushioning to an already comforting mattress, hotels use mattress toppers.
These toppers help with adjusting the firmness of the mattress. Made with special materials like memory foam and latex, these toppers also absorb motions allowing you to sleep without getting disturbed by the tossing and turning of
your partner or your kids.

Mattress toppers help the mattresses last longer by keeping them from dipping and deflating,
even after long-term use.

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