The Psychology Behind Color Trends That Make Your Hotel Interiors More Appealing!

A few years back, started the era of color transformation in the hospitality business. Bright and stunning interiors made it hard for the guests to forget them even after visiting one time, why is that? well, there’s some interesting psychology to it. Turns out, colors have the power to make people feel certain emotions.

So, if you’re thinking about renovating your hotel interiors for the holiday season, don’t just follow trends but also choose colors that create the environment you’re looking to portray for your guests. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and powerful combinations.

Blue & Green, The Colors Of Calm

If you want your guests to feel peace and contentment, this positive combination can do the magic. The green color exudes positivity, harmony, and peace whereas blue promotes ease, stress relief, and relaxation.

It’s the perfect combo for spas, hotel bedrooms, meditation areas, and every other room where guests are looking for calmness and tranquility.

Blue & Yellow, Bright And Joyful

Yellow is the color of sunshine, singing the song of joy and brightness. Blue also makes a relaxing and welcoming environment. Together, both these colors give guests a feeling of happiness and serenity.

This combination gives an eye-catching appeal to your bars, restaurants, and outdoor dining areas, especially for lunches and daytime activities.

Pastel And Neutral, Always a Winner

Grey, beige, and peach, what could go wrong? These colors always stimulate a feeling of self-assurance and an escape from a hectic life.

Bold patterns, graffiti, and mosaics look even more pronounced in a beige or light-yellow setting.

You can use these neutral colors for lobbies, waiting rooms, and party halls.

Black & Gold, The Bold Statement

While we try to focus more on shades that are calming and relaxing, we can’t ignore the fact that the charm of black and gold is also a notable fashion addition to the hospitality interiors.

Back is a color of power, elegance, and class. Gold compliments black with its richness emitting a feeling of luxury, wealth, and magnificence. If you want your hotel rooms to look bold and rich, gold and black can make that happen.

Red & Orange, Energy & Radiance

The shades of red and orange can stimulate energy. These are colors of fire and fierceness. Psychologically, red shows strength and energy. It also revs metabolism and respiration rate. Red is also the color of love and passion.

Orange is a wonderful combination of yellow and red. It has the attributes of both. The joy and brightness of yellow and the fire of red make it a color that enhances the oxygen supply to the body and stimulates mental activity.

For a strong impression, you can use this combination. However, instead of bedrooms and lobbies, you should use these colors in areas that are more public, such as restaurants and dance clubs.

Made up your mind about the color scheme you’ll be using for your hotel interiors? well, how about complimenting furniture?

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