Luxury Custom Furniture; How to Personalize It for Your Hotel?

Luxury Custom Furniture

Giving that personalized touch to your hotel or guest house is key to making that signature impression in front of your guests. What better way is there to do that if not through luxury custom furniture?

In the modern world of hospitality, modern and unique furniture has become the most symbolic feature of innovation. But when you choose a luxury item that is handmade or has an authentic feel to it, you raise the bar high. Stepping out of the ordinary while customizing a luxury furnishing item with your signature style is another way of making a winning impression.

So how can you do that? Well, before diving deep into the answer, first let’s understand what constitutes personalizing luxury furniture.


Personalizing a Furniture

Customization of high-end furniture is the hottest trend in the luxury furniture industry. It includes renovation, modification, elimination, or addition of a certain feature in a piece of furniture. The customization purely depends on the personal preference of the buyer. These preferences are not only for the sake of a personalized appearance. In fact, in the hospitality industry, customization is also planned to keep in mind the guests’ convenience, choice, and utility. So next time, you decide to personalize an item, put all that into consideration.


A Few Things To Remember Before Moving On To Customization


Assess The Space

Assess The Space

Before picking any type of luxury custom furniture, check out the available space in the area where you are going to place that item.

At Parth Hospitality, we have a wide range of luxury hotel furniture including sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, and dozens of other items. All you have to do is pick the one that fits your room well or add specific measurements in your order so that nothing looks messy or unorganized.

Texture, Color, And Style

Furniture Texture, Color, And Style

Contemporary settings do appeal to your guests but that’s not a strict rule to follow. Sometimes you just can’t go overboard with texture and colors. Choosing the right upholstery and perfect polishing is a task that needs your absolute focus and attention. Therefore, you must be wise about that. Luxury custom furniture is a heavy investment and you should be able to use them for as long as they serve its purpose well.

Balance Originality And Glamor

Unique furniture makes more heads turn than any other innovation at a hotel or a restaurant so why not use that?

Trendy and usual furniture also have their own benefits but when you go with a luxury item, focus more on fashion, elegance, and class. Remember, it’s your signature move, it should be impactful, and it should be lasting.

Parth Hospitality — A Leading Name In Luxury Custom Furniture

With our exclusive wide range of luxury hotel furniture, we provide you with an opportunity to ornate your space with your personalized touch. Renovate with style, beauty, and creativity while staying within your budget.

Below are the categories in which we have our luxury furniture available for the hospitality industry.

Hotel Lounge Furniture

Our lounge furniture includes lounge sofas, lounge chairs, tables, and several pieces of furniture needed for your hotel lounge.

Hotel Banquet Furniture

Our banquet tables and chairs come in different styles and settings. Events, parties, lunches, and dinners, all look better with our round and rectangular table options. Pick the ones that go best with your hotel style.

Hotel Restaurant Furniture

People love places where they can eat, romanticize, discuss, and plan. Most restaurants are famous for their delicacies but with our furniture, you can add ambiance too.

Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Whether you like America, modern or traditional, our bedroom furniture is stylish, luxurious and comforting, all at the same time. Check out our wide range of exclusive furnishing items and you’ll surely love them.


So now that you have all what you needed to order your luxury custom furniture, feel free to get in touch with us any time of the day.