Make Your Hotel Areas More Interesting with Different Furniture Options!

How to make your hotel stand out!

So, what’s the one thing your guests notice in your hotel?

It’s the furniture!

Believe it or not, your hotel furniture has the power to make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Hence, be careful about setting the right impression with your hotel furniture.

In this article, we’ll reveal the best ideas for your hotel furniture revamp. The real trick lies in addressing the need of each area. How? Keep on reading to find out!

Begin With the Foyer

Well, of course, the first should be the entrance. The placement of your reception desk is more important than you realize. Letting your guests know that you are available for assistance right away, is what they need the most. Make sure that the reception desk is visible but not too upfront. Choose your desk wisely. It shouldn’t be too large as we don’t want the guests to view it as a barrier.

Although the most prominent element of a hotel foyer is the seating and table options for visitors and guests, it is rather a tricky one. You surely want the guests to wait comfortably but you don’t want them to stick around for long. Whether they are visitors, guests, or people on business, their destination should be the bar, their room, or the presentation area.

To make sure your foyer seating sends that message right, go with comfortable yet trendy furniture. Let them rest a little in armchairs with low tables and they’ll soon head off to their next stop.

The Favorites; Bar & Restaurant

When your guests fancy a drink or two, they head to the bar. The restaurant is what’s frequented by both guests and the general public so you need the seating in these areas to be more diverse. However, this goes without saying that most people come to the bar for a drink or two and thus bar stools are an absolute necessity. You can check out our exquisite range of stools for your bar. Setting up lounge seating with some round sofas, coffee tables, and side tables is a great addition for folks who are looking to spend a lazy night sipping on their favorite cocktails and snacks.

Coming down to the larger dining area, here’s what you need to look for a few things while setting your chairs and tables. Make sure that the space between tables is enough for the waiting staff to move around. Moreover, setting tables in a manner that doesn’t create a crowded ambiance is what makes a dining area desirable. Optimal spaces with comfortable movements

You can also customize your dining area seating according to the requests you receive. If most people ask for a table for two, you can set your tables for two, if it’s for four, go with four chairs. Keep room available for joining tables in case a party requirement suddenly pops up. If your restaurant has outdoor spots available, keep some extra chairs handy aside from the seating you’ve put outside. You can check out our dining furniture options on our home page.

Bedroom Furniture Is Crucial

Your guests can spend all day hanging out but at night, all they need is a bedroom where they can sleep like a baby. That’s why it’s crucial that the beds in the bedrooms are extremely comfy, cozy, and spacious. Not only the bed but the mattress, sheets, and comforters must also be selected keeping the comfort and peace of guests in mind. However, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore elegance and style. Hotel beds are meant to be classy but they must always be comforting.

You shouldn’t, however, overlook functional furniture such as dressers, dressing tables, wardrobes, seating, minibars, room fridges, etc. Make sure that you give your guests everything they need in a bedroom.

Conference Areas/ Breakout Rooms

Conference areas are a big deal for any hotel. With more and more business delegates organizing meetings, presentations, and conferences in hotels, it’s important for hotel owners to cater to their needs.

Conferences can go on for days and sometimes even weeks. Therefore, the furniture in conference rooms should be simple, functional, and comfortable. However, it shouldn’t be relaxing since you don’t want them dozing off in the middle of the conference.

Similarly, breakout areas are for post-meeting discussions and must have seating that serves the purpose right. Easy, comfortable sofas with low tables are a great choice for breakout sessions. It’s best if the breakout area is located close to the cafeteria because everyone needs coffee or tea for long discussions.

We hope this article was helpful in making your hotel areas more pronounced and distinguishable. At Parth Hospitality, our hotel furniture range is as diverse as it can get. You can browse through our classic pieces on our website or hit the button below to schedule a free consultation with us.