Buying Direct from Furniture Manufacturer; Why It’s The Best for Your Hospitality Business!

When it comes to furniture manufacturers for hospitality furniture, Parth Hospitality is a name that brings trust and quality to the table. In our expert opinion, buying directly from the manufacturers can provide substantial benefits to the clients.

So, you might be wondering how to find a furniture manufacturer you can trust, or if is it a better option to buy from a third party. Well, if you are still unsure about your course of action, let us help you decide wisely with logic and proof.

The Pricing Advantage

Cost-saving is the biggest factor whenever it comes to purchasing furniture and buying directly from the manufacturer is always the best option. Buying from retailers means you have to pay several additional costs including taxes, showcasing, and of course, their profit margin.

On the other hand, if you choose one of the local Houston furniture manufacturers, you can eliminate the mediator and save up to 15% percent on the prices.

Customizable Options

Buying direct from the manufacturer means you can always add or eliminate things according to your preference or your hotel and restaurant setting. Retailers will not offer this liberty. Their readymade options can have a negative impact on your restaurant’s overall ambiance and style.

At Parth Hospitality, we manufacture and design furniture for clients that meet their requirements. We can customize everything, ranging from material to texture, upholstery to color, design to style, and convenience to trendy. We ensure that every piece of furniture fits your space perfectly while serving the intended purpose in the best way possible.

Absolute Product Warranty

The thought of getting faulty pieces in your order and not being able to get a replacement is a horror that you might have to face when buying from a retailer. Although, retailers can ask you to claim your warranty with the manufacturer too.

But by buying from a manufacturer, you get a comprehensive and extended product warranty. Moreover, you can communicate during the manufacturing process and discuss things that are not even listed in the warranty. So it’s a hassle-free option with more benefits.

Wide Variety

A retailer only showcases designs and styles that are more in demand. So, you get access to limited designs only.

However, manufacturers have a large stock and tons of variety to show you. You might even get a chance to look at pieces that are generally not available with the retailers.

Let’s say for example if you are looking for luxury furniture for your hotel bedrooms but a contemporary style for your restaurant, would you find both furniture varieties at the same retail shop? That’s quite unlikely. So don’t risk it and buy from the best name in Houston furniture manufacturers.

Parth Hospitality Is Here!

Now that you know why buying furniture from a manufacturer is beneficial for you, you shouldn’t waste your time on how to find a furniture manufacturer. With Parth Hospitality at your disposal 24/7, you already have the best option among Houston furniture manufacturers.