Key Factors You Need To Consider Before Purchasing Hotel Casegoods

Choosing the perfect hotel casegoods plays a vital role in your hospitality business. If the guests don’t find your casegoods functional and durable, your investment would be a waste. So, you must pick casegoods strategically with a plan in mind. Although cost is a fundamental factor in every purchase, there are several other factors you must keep in mind while choosing the right casegoods for your hotel. 



If the vendor you choose doesn’t have a manufacturing facility, they’ll outsource the casegoods; and you’ll have to pay more in terms of additional production costs. Moreover, you can’t be sure about the quality and service support. On the other hand, if you choose to work with someone who has in-house designers and manufacturers, you can get competitive pricing, transparency, and quality assurance. It’s best to go with a company with the experience, certifications, expert team, and best reviews. 

Quality & Durability

When renovating your hotel space, you must choose high-quality pieces that can withstand years of usage. It is quite obvious that you would want to go with trendy items to enhance the look of your hotel. But often, trendy casegoods are not made with high-quality materials. Since they come and go out of trend quickly, they are cheaper and replaceable. 

However, in the hospitality industry, you should make these investments wisely as you need furniture that lasts longer and stays in its best shape. 

Packaging, Handling & Shipping


Next to choosing, getting the hotel casegoods delivered to your hotel or restaurant is an issue you must tackle wisely. If your vendor is not in the US, you’d have to expand your budget. Going with a vendor overseas means you’ll have to pay for handling, assembling, and freight charges. Moreover, you’ll also have to count the number of days in which your pieces will be delivered to you. Delays and mishandling events are also pretty common these days. 

If you want to run your business while staying environmentally responsible, you must also know that using an overseas company means more waste. Packing material, fossil fuels for transportation, and shipping supplies all add to more waste which is rarely disposed of properly. 



While most hotels have plenty of storage space, buying casegoods before clearing out the areas where they are to be placed, isn’t a good strategy. It’s best to replace old casegoods with new ones floor-by-floor. This will not only help you keep your furniture safe from damage but will also help you all the furniture organized and tidy. Messy and tight spaces are a big NO in the hospitality business, so watch out for that. 


Warranty & After Care/ Service Support

Warranties are crucial in every business but with hospitality furniture, a warranty is essential. When you’re negotiating pricing and quality, don’t forget to ask about the warranty and its duration. Most companies offer warranty because without the reassurance, purchasing luxury hotel casegoods is no use. These are huge investments and businesses cannot risk losing their money because the vendor is reluctant to provide a warranty. 

Moreover, you must inquire about service support and touch-ups. Even the most durable furniture will need touch-ups after a year or two. So making sure that you’d have access to the same tones, polish, paint, and stains whenever the need may be, is something you must never ignore. 


From the above-mentioned factors, it must be clear to you that picking hotel casegoods for your hospitality business isn’t just about checking the price. It’s more than that. Always go with a trusted vendor with a proven track record of customer satisfaction and quality assurance. At Parth Hopistality, we are a certified hospitality furniture company. Our designers are creative, resourceful and talented. They can turn all your imaginations into a beautiful piece of furniture. 

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