Thinking Of Upgrading Your Hotel Case Goods? Here’s What You Need To Learn!

Hospitality Case Goods


Elegance and innovation are the two prominent attributes of interiors in the hospitality business. But when it comes to case goods, beauty and design are not the only things needed to sustain the busy environment of a hotel or a commercial rest house. So what do case goods need to survive the long haul of never-ending use and rearrangement at events? Before diving into that, it’s better to learn what case goods, particularly hotel case goods are.

What Are Hotel Casegoods?

Generally, “case goods” refer to furniture or storage pieces that are made of wood, metal, glass, or plastic. Typical examples include dressers, chests, lockers, display units, console units, and bookshelves.
Hotel case goods, however, have one thing in common, the panels. These panels can be of different sizes, and shapes, and they could be installed at the bottom, top, or sides.
Hotel case goods are manufactured using different kinds of materials. Each piece comprises three components, face, core, and edge.


As the name suggests, the face is the outermost appearance, look, color, texture, and shine. The most common materials used for the faces are:
-Solid Wood
-High-Pressure Laminates (HPL)
-Low-Pressure Laminates (LPL)


Cores are beneath the faces, the innermost part. The materials used are:
Medium Density Fiberboard
Particle Board


The edges are a tricky part so the finesse is important here. The materials used for edges are:
Solid Wood Edge
Laminate Self Edge
PVC Edge banding

What To Consider When Choosing The Hotel Casegoods?

It is crucial to remember that case goods are really important for your hotel guests. They are what they call the defining factor for a room. The good thing; you can get them customized.
Another thing that you must focus on, is keeping up with the trends. No one likes to stay in a hotel that doesn’t appeal to them.
Next and most important, keep technology at the forefront. Smart and tech-integrated furniture is what makes the guests go WOW.
Lastly, make sure they are cost-effective and worth your money.

Custom Case Goods

Custom case goods make your hotel look unique. Moreover, they can add more utility to a piece. For example, if you build more storage options in a dresser, it would be more multifunctional and convenient for the guests.
Again, you have to think beyond style and trends and check for durability as well. Nothing makes a poorer impression on your hotel guests than damaged, broken and worn-out case goods. So make sure, that doesn’t happen with the ones you finally select. Coming down to aligning the case goods with your brand style and guests’ choice, if you know your guests’ taste well, finding the right balance between class and resilience is not as hard. You can also go environment-friendly by using recycled laminate. With custom furniture, you always have the option to pick the material of your choice, the make, and the design, and you can always add more functionality.

Style & Design

Stylish and sleek case goods could never go wrong. A piece with a contemporary design, unique twists and surprising functionality adds more to the room. They make the first impression on your guests. Of course, you can’t go with designs that are not practical or durable but you can find plenty of case goods that look trendy and stylish while also being made to endure everything.
Technology-Integrated Furnishings
No one likes to see tangled cables and wires in a room. Smart, integrated furniture with seamless charging options is what you should go with.
Smart cabinets with touch panels can also add versatility to the bedrooms. Mini fridges, bars, and shelf extensions are a great way to enhance the guests’ experience.


Customization is not always budget-friendly but you can turn it into one. Providing custom furniture for your guests doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard. There are many ways through which you can cut down on the cost.
Pick the material that’s more economic. For example, low-pressure laminate is cheaper than high-pressure laminate so use that whenever there’s a vertical piece. Go with veneer instead of wood as it’s mostly cheaper and doesn’t swell up like solid wood. The veneer is water resistant so it’s also low maintenance and easier to clean.
However, keeping things under the budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. If a particular piece requires an expensive material, you can always go with it and cut back on elements that are less significant or impactful.

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